Satellite photos of New Zealand coastline before and after 7.8 earthquake

Monday’s massive earthquake lifted the seabed 1-2m around the coast.

You can even see the epic uplift from low resolution satellite photos. Surfers are wondering how their breaks will change. I’m wondering what happened to the sand castle I built in March.

The differences below look sliiiightly greater than they really are, because the post earthquake photo was taken at extremely low tide. I found it difficult to find satellite photos on cloudless days where the tides were exactly the same.

all photos from LandSat 8, easy to get on EarthExplorer. Each pixel in the photos is about 30m.

Cape Campbell

5th of May, 10.06am, tide 0.35 m  – Before the earthquake


14th of November 11am, tide 0.2 m – After the earthquake


Side by side (15cm of tidal difference)


Clarence river mouth

7th of June, 10.06am, tide 0.75 m  – Before the earthquake


14th of November 11am, tide 0.2 m – After the earthquake clar_post

Side by side (55cm of tidal difference)


Kaikoura peninsula

Before/after the earthquake, same times as Clarence photos above


For a sense of scale, here’s the Kaikoura peninsula from google maps.


other better photos here

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